Maintenance Worker

The Lead Maintenance Worker performs a variety of tasks with a focus on HVAC and electrical work. The Lead Worker will supervise other maintenance workers and acts as the assistant to the Director of Facilities.

1. The Lead Maintenance Worker must have a minimum of a high school education or equivalent.
2. Three to five years’ experience in installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and correcting diverse HVAC service issues including at least three years in building maintenance at a moderate-sized facility.
3. Good communication skills and attention to detail with the ability to read and interpret blueprints, plans and manuals.
4. Lift up to 50 pounds; be able to push, pull, carry or maneuver heavier items (with additional manpower or appropriate devices); work from heights, work in small crawl spaces.
5. HVAC License required
6. CFC/EPA Certification
7. State LLE (Limited Licensed Electrician) License required
8. Ability to work independently in a timely manner, making sure the job is done correctly the first time.
9. The worker must have a valid driver’s license.
10. The worker must have good knowledge of tools and equipment.
11. The worker must observe all company procedures and be aware of safety practices used on the job and in the use of tools and equipment.
12. The worker must be able to supervise others performing building maintenance work.
13. Must subscribe to the agency’s Mission Statement and Organizational Values.
14. Must have an awareness of and sensitivity to the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of staff members and those served by the agency.
15. Worker must have basic computer skills and experience with documentation and email.
16. Participate in company provided training opportunities on latest industry technologies