Speech and Drama Teacher


Holston Home for Children, founded in 1895, provides hope and healing for a brighter future by sharing the love of Jesus to children and their families struggling with life’s challenges.

We are guided by principles that have been passed down throughout the history of this ministry. These beliefs strongly influence our services:

• God loves children and their families so much that He sent His Son to die so that they could have abundant
and eternal life.
• Every child should be taught about Jesus.
• All things are possible in Christ.
• Every child should have a warm and secure place to live.
• People can change.
• Lasting change occurs through caring relationships.
• It is the birthright of every child to have a family.
• The best place for a child to be raised is within a caring family.
• Children and youth should always have something to look forward to.
• Kids and families deserve our very best.
• Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their God-given potential.

The people of Holston Home shall diligently attend to those in our care through these practices:

• Provide the highest quality of professional service for our children and their families through highly trained
and competent staff.
• Treat all people with love, respect, and care.
• Keep all information confidential.
• Be open and honest in our communications.
• Recognize progress and achievements of children and families.
• Advocate for the rights and needs of our children, youth, and their families.
• Practice the highest principles of Christian stewardship in every aspect of our ministry.

• Worship – Offering every child, youth and family the opportunity to develop a real relationship with Jesus.
• Education – Offering every child, youth and family the opportunity to further their education and learning.
• Work Ethic – Offering every child, youth and family the experience of having responsibilities and an expectation to fulfill them to the best of their abilities.
• Recreation – Offering every child, youth and family opportunities to experience wholesome fun in variety of activities and interests.

Holston Home has an opening for a Speech and Drama Teacher who will provide middle and high school students with speech and drama activities in a faith-based program. We are looking for a high-performing teacher who will develop, plan and deliver Speech and Drama lessons using a variety of strategies, learning aids, technology, materials and equipment to stimulate higher level thinking. The Speech and Drama teacher will work tactfully and effectively with the teachers, administrators and other employees of Holston Home, as well as with the local school districts, theatres and the public in accomplishing the purpose of this position. We are also looking for someone who has a relentless drive to improve the minds and lives of children in and out of the classroom and the grit, perseverance, optimism, resiliency, curiosity, sense of humor, and burning passion for personal growth and student success.
Holds a BS or BA degree, preferable in speech or drama.
Have training and experience developing and producing a meaningful and educational speech and drama program.
Commensurate work experience in theater, acting, drama, music or related subject.
Successfully complete and update all required training.
Must have the physical health and capacity to have regular job attendance, to teach actively, to be involved in physical activities with children.
A current State of Tennessee teaching license preferred.
A member of the National Speech & Debate Association a plus.
Model and support Holston’s mission, organization values and philosophy of the speech and drama program.
Experience interweaving worship, praise and dance into a speech and drama program a plus.

Teaches enunciation, diction, voice development, and dialects, using voice exercises, speech drills, explanation, lectures, and improvisation.
Discusses and demonstrates vocal and body expression to teach acting styles, character development, and personality projection.
Teach students the skills required for competition in impromptu, extemporaneous, original, and interpretation speech events.
Produces and directs plays for school and public performances.
Auditions students to select cast and assign parts.
Rehearses and drills students to ensure they master parts.
Assigns nonperforming students to backstage production tasks, such as constructing, painting, moving scenery, operating stage light, and sound equipment.
May direct activities of students involved in constructing, painting, and lighting scenery.
May teach elements of stagecraft, stage makeup, costume craft, play writing, or play direction.
Is a positive role model for students.
Creates an environment that is safe, orderly and conducive to learning.
Communicates high expectations for every student and fosters pride in accomplishments.
Has command of subject content/curriculum.
Provides opportunities for every student to succeed.
Demonstrates effective preparation for student instruction.
Plans lessons to reflect an understanding of group and individual student needs.
Establishes and maintains clearly defined routines and procedures.
Creates a positive environment by dealing with behavior in a fair, respectful, sensitive and consistent manner.
Recognizes and reinforces acceptable behavior so that students can self-monitor.
Promotes student self-assessment and student self-monitoring of their progress.
Designs and structures lessons so that learner outcomes are at an appropriate cognitive level.
Develops and presents questions that cause students to think and reflect; resulting in a deeper understanding of the topic.
Promotes learning through discussion and active engagement.
Responsible for helping students learn the listening and speaking skills behind public speaking and is responsible for improving students’ listening and effective communication skills.
Provides valuable feedback in a timely, constructive and substantive manner.
Shares relevant information regarding students with appropriate personnel in a confidential manner and maintains confidentiality regarding student information.
Professional Growth
Participates in activities to enhance professional growth which may include, but not be limited to, workshops, course work, conferences and seminars.
Sets appropriate professional goals which can demonstrate but are not limited to risk-taking, innovation and/or sharing.
Engages in self-evaluation.
Will carry out any other duties that are within the employee's skills and abilities whenever instructed.
Based on experience and qualifications.

Please send resumes to ChanHumbert@holstonhome.org