Foster Care

Do you remember going to family reunions as a child? Remember that aunt or uncle who you didn’t see very often coming up to you and asking, “Who do you belong to?” You had an answer to that question. You would say the name of your mother; father or maybe a grandparent and the person would know to whom you belonged. Every child needs a good answer to that question. Holston United Methodist Home for Children’s Foster Care program works to find homes for children to have a place where they can work on their personal and family struggles while having a feeling of belonging.

Holston Home is in need for foster homes willing to serve the following types of children:

Teenagers – All of us remember our teen years and the challenges that come with them. Teens in foster care need caring adults willing to be there for them through the good times and bad times. Holston Home is looking for families that have a heart for helping teens through the exciting and challenging teen years.

Sibling Groups – The longest lasting relationship many of us will have is with our brothers and sisters. We will likely have a longer relationship with them than we will with our parents, our spouse or our children. Holston Home believes it is important to keep brothers and sisters together in the same foster home. In most cases we strive to maintain this relationship. We are looking for families who share that belief and are willing to join us in our ministry.

Medically Fragile Children – All of us remember being sick and feeling the comfort of someone who cared about us and who was caring for us. Children with serious health conditions need foster families willing to provide care to meet their needs and show them loving care.

Spanish Speaking – Ever been somewhere where you didn’t understand what was going on? Imagine how scared a child must be who is living in a strange place and doesn’t understand the language. Holston Home is seeking families who are bi-lingual and are willing to provide a place for a child to belong.

Foster Family Support:

Foster Families with Holston Home undergo extensive training, background checks and a home study process before being approved for children to be placed in their home. Once the family is approved, there is ongoing monthly training. Upon receiving a child to parent, the foster family is supported by a Holston Home Child & Family Specialist and a team of professionals. Around the clock on-call support is provided for emergencies that may arise. Foster parents are also provided with respite care to allow families to take a break from the demands of being a foster parent. Foster parents receive a competitive daily rate to help provide for the care of the child.

We have family services centers in Greeneville, Johnson City and Knoxville, Tennessee and Bristol Virginia.

Contact Us About Becoming a Foster Parent at 800-628-2986 or send us an email.