Methodist Connections

Holston United Methodist Home for Children is, proudly, a ministry of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.

That connection is manifested in many ways. The resident Bishop of the Holston Annual Conference is an ex-officio member of our board of trustees, as is the District Superintendent in the Morristown District and the Health and Welfare Representative of the Conference. Several of our board members have church connections, as well.

And this ministry of helping children has a heart-felt as well as a monetary connection with every member of a United Methodist Church in the Conference — and that includes more than 851 churches in an area covering all of East Tennessee, the 17 western-most counties of Virginia and a small portion of northern Georgia.

Each Fifth Sunday, Holston Home Ambassadors and the pastor in those churches help this ministry by taking up a Fifth Sunday Offering for Holston Home.

That is a significant portion of the financial upkeep of this ministry, for which Holston Home is most thankful.

Holston Home is also designated by the Annual Conference for Advance Specials, meaning that a church could do a special project on our behalf and get Five Star credit for it.

Another church connection is our Director of Christian Life, whose job it is on campus to see that every child is given an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That was one of the founding principles of Holston Home, and it continues to be a valuable part of this ministry.

Everything we do at Holston Home is with the teachings of Jesus Christ in mind. He told all of us to be faithful in our help for orphans. While not many of the children who come in contact with Holston Home these days are truly orphans, we still refer to them as “orphans of the living.”

Rest assured that Holston United Methodist Home for Children is an extension of the church. The children helped by this ministry often tell us, years after they leave, that the introduction to the church they received at Holston Home has had a meaningful and lasting role in their lives.