Become a Foster Parent

Being a foster parent takes a lot of commitment. We also believe it takes a little nudge from God, who, through his son Jesus Christ, told us all to care for the children.

While most families in East Tennessee or Southwest Virginia  do not experience trauma, many do. And for some of those families, the children suffer. That's where foster families come in.

Holston United Methodist Home for Children cares for children in many ways. One of our specialties is by locating, training and providing foster parents for children who need a home.

Some of our families have been foster parents for dozens of children. Some have been fostering for years.

Others decide only late in life, after their children are grown, that they should help other children by being foster parents.

Foster parents don't fit any single description. They come in all sizes and shapes, including single parent homes. But they all have one thing in common: They love children.

Being a foster parent can be very rewarding. Watching children grow and learn and knowing that you have helped them make progress is reward enough for most foster parents. But, financially, you are not expected to bear the burden of accepting the responsibility for these children by yourself. There is a competitive daily rate that is available for each child.

But financial considerations are not why our foster parents decide to take in children. They do it out of love, and out of a personal sense of divine mission.

If you love children and have been considering being a foster parent, please call one of our foster-parent specialists.

Fill out the form below or call 1-800-628-2986 and ask to speak with a foster-parent recruiter/trainer. Our offices are conveniently located in Greeneville, Knoxville and Johnson City, Tennessee, and in Bristol, Virginia.


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