Thank you for your inquiry regarding adoption services. Unfortunately, Holston Home is discontinuing these services, and therefore cannot meet your needs. We have included a link below that may be helpful in locating an appropriate agency in TN that can provide the service you are seeking.

This link includes all licensed adoption service providers in Tennessee, listed by domestic adoption services and international adoption services.

If Holston is currently serving you and your family in the adoption process, please contact your Adoptions Specialist directly.

Again, thank you for your inquiry, and we wish you the best on your adoption journey!

This is a list of Philippine adoption agencies that can assist with your inquiries surrounding Philippine Adoptions:

All Gods Children – TX, OH, KY, MI, IN, OR, WA

Kim Westfahl

Director of Adoption

Phone: (414) 378-8044

Baptist Children’s Home – NC, SC

Laura Nichols-Virgilio, MSW

Phone: (704) 847-0038

Madison Adoption Associates – New York, DE, PA, IL, NJ

Phone: (302) 475-8977

Diana DeGroot


Holt International – CA, PA, OR, WI, NE

Lisa H. Vertulfo, LMSW

Phone: (541) 687-2202 x165

Sacred Portion/Hopeful Connections Adoption Services – Montana

Corina Paszkiet, Philippine Adoption Coordinator

Wide Horizons for Children – New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts

Jessica Ellison

Phone: ( 781) 419-0397