A Word from the President

Our girls’ youth minister, Whitney, recently shared Heather’s story. Prior to arriving at Holston Home, she had experienced various forms of abuse and trauma along with multiple failed placements. When she first got here, she didn’t know how to respond to kindness or any form of compassion. Anything resembling love was met by pushback from her and sadly she struggled with not wanting to live. She was also very outspoken about how put off she was regarding anything related to Jesus.

Since the Garden of Eden, the enemy wants us to question the goodness of God and His love for us. Literally, it is the oldest trick in THE BOOK, and all of us at some point have struggled with those truths — God is always good; He always loves us and has only our best in mind, and; we are worthy of His love because He said we are throughout His Word!

After months of being at Holston Home and experiencing consistent love, a shift began to happen in Heather’s heart. As Whitney spent time with the girls on campus, she began noticing that Heather was asking more questions and her heart was softening. One day she asked for time to talk with Whitney and asked her, “Why haven’t you given up on me? I have been horrible to you every time you tried to love me.” Whitney’s simple reply was, “Because you are worth it!”

Heather’s eyes started to well up with tears and she recognized that she had been running from love for a long time but that NOW she was done running!

That day Heather gave her heart to Jesus!

It is beautiful how God used the care and compassion of Holston Home staff to dispel the devil’s lies meant for her destruction. And now Heather is learning and growing as a follower of Jesus.

There is an application here for all of us too, and I pray we remember Heather’s witness. Lord, help us to know and remember Your promises and keep our hearts soft so that we too will want to know more of Your love and truths because You are so good and only have our best in Your plans.

Thank you for being a part of the care and compassion that the Lord is using to change lives like Heather’s. Your prayers and financial support are being used by the Lord, and may these testimonies give Him all of the glory. I pray blessings for you and your families and thank you again!

In Christ,