Brumit Preparation for Adult Living (PAL)

The Brumit program is designed to help young men between 16 ½ to 21 years old make the transition into adulthood successfully. 

What Our Young Men Learn

Young men in the program learn independent-living skills such as cooking, shopping, creating menus, and basic housekeeping skills. They learn practical skills such as balancing a checkbook, paying bills, and following a household budget while also learning social, emotional, and relationship skills.  We teach them to drive, how to purchase a car, and how to obtain insurance.

While they receive a stipend for some of their expenses, these motivated young people hold down jobs and go to school/college to earn the money they need to meet household expenses and prepare for future success.  Many of our young men save and purchase their own cars. Most of our young men leave our program with more than enough money to pay rent and set themselves up in their own place.

In addition to life skills training, our young men also participate in Christian life activities, individual and group counseling, family counseling, alcohol and drug education, and adventure-based counseling.

Dorm Life

Each young man has their own dorm style room loaded with a TV and nice furniture They pay rent, which is deposited into a savings account and returned to them after successfully completing the program. They share laundry, kitchen, and common areas much like a college dormitory.  They often prepare meals and eat family style. Many of them move from our Brumit program to a dormitory at a university. Others move into their own apartments.  Holston Home and Brumit staff act as a support for young adults who are eager to move out on their own but are unsure of some of the challenges they may face. Like many young adults, they may stumble, but our caring staff will keep them from falling. The staff often become like family to these young men long after they leave our program.