Meet the Leadership Team

Bradley Williams – President/CEO

Why Holston?

Kids naturally believe that anything is possible, especially if their moms or dads tell them so. They believe that they can grow up and be astronauts, cowboys, professional football players, or even the president. I think this is part of the reason that Jesus said we must become like a child to enter His kingdom. Hard situations and a fallen world have damaged these beliefs for the young people who come to Holston Home. I love the work we do and the people I do it with because we get to tell them the truth – that the God of this universe loves them more than they can imagine. And then, we get to start proving it by the way we care for them and the experiences we are able to provide for them. Soon they can begin to hope, dream and believe again. I can’t imagine doing ANYTHING else ANYWHERE else!

College: The University of Tennessee

Married to Denise with two children and Sophie the dog

Gayle Mrock – VP of Program Services

What makes Holston’s ministry special?

Next year I will hit my 30 year anniversary at Holston Home. The job was not always easy but it was always addicting. Working with troubled youth sort of gets in your blood. Being given the ability to incorporate faith in everything we do and teach them that regardless of where they come from they are worthy of love and good things in life makes this job very special.

At Holston we approach each day as an opportunity to push kids through the “I don’t wannas” that will hold them back from success. Do things that are hard. Do things you are afraid to do. Do things knowing all things are possible through Christ. That is what can make a youth successful. That is what makes them feel capable and stronger than their past.

Holston is a place where our central guiding question is, “What would we want for our own child?” When we start there, God seems to steer our work because He wants the very best for ALL of his children. I never for a minute wanted to work anywhere else.

College: Tusculum College

Married to Doug with two children, 7 cats and 3 dogs

Laine Howells – VP of Operations

Why Holston?

I am here because of the wonderful people who drive the mission of Holston Home. I see and hear stories everyday about how staff make a difference for the youth and families we serve and for each other. I not only see and hear these stories but have also experienced it firsthand when I went through breast cancer. One memory that always brings tears to my eyes was when I received pictures on the day of my surgery. The pictures were of my coworkers (who I call friends) all dressed in pink. There was no doubt my friends were hard at work praying for me. The outpouring of love during this time was and still is overwhelming and ultimately enables me to in turn pour love into the work I do to support our youth and the families we serve.

And speaking of praying, we are so blessed to be able to pray with each other before meetings, in the hallways, in our offices and any place in between. Our prayers don’t consist of just those in the room at the time but extend to the youth and families we serve, our donors, vendors and even to those we do not know personally or have direct contact with. I don’t know many organizations who can say they do this.

I am honored to work alongside such a great group of people and to be a part of this chapter in Holston Home’s long history. Holston Home is truly an amazing place to work.

College: The University of Tennessee

Married to Ed with four children, two step-children and a not so smart dog called Robin

Seth Taylor – VP of Development

What makes Holston’s ministry special?

Two things are clear. First, Holston Home’s leadership is committed to providing life-changing opportunities for every kid that comes through the door. Upon arriving at Holston, kids hear truth wrapped in love, experience kindness, and many even begin a relationship with Jesus and get baptized – all while living in a safe and caring place. And did I mention how great the food is?

Second, my main role is fund development so I can attest that the people who give to Holston Home make this ministry extraordinary. Our contributors are real-life change agents and the children served here would have a much different experience if it were not for the generous financial gifts of caring individuals, churches, and organizations. Holston Home supporters help provide hope to youth who come from hard places and I believe they are some of the best folks around!

It is an honor to wake up each day and think about how my colleagues and I in the development department can best serve our donors and partner with them to meet their philanthropic interests for the benefit of hurting children. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this team and for the friends we get to make along the way through this important work.

College: Georgia Southern University and Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

Married to Theresa with three children