A Message from our President Concerning COVID-19 We wanted to take a moment to say how grateful we are for our friends and your prayers and support during this challenging time. We are doing what you and many across our country and around the world are doing and that is prayerfully seeking wisdom and protection from our Heavenly Father during such a time of uncertainty. Our mission is to provide hope and healing by sharing the love of Jesus with children and families struggling with life’s challenges. We regularly remind ourselves that all of us, our donors, and our neighbors are also struggling with life’s challenges and that we want to share God’s love through His Son with everyone that we are blessed to do life with. Our prayers go out for each of you and your families as you navigate the effects of COVID 19. God is our good and faithful Father, Protector and Provider! We trust Him completely as we carry out our calling to care for so many children, youth and young adults each day. Please remember our children, their families, our staff and our ministry in your prayers and continued support in the weeks ahead. I pray that God will use Holston Home to be a blessing and source of encouragement to you and your family and that He will use you to be that for us. That is what being friends and the body of Christ is all about. We love you and thank you so much!

Holston United Methodist Home for Children provides hope and healing for a brighter future by sharing the love of Jesus with children and families struggling with life's challenges.

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