We ask that you join us in prayer over the following prayer requests from our youth-

Help me to stop fighting.

God forgive me for my sins. You help me out every day, and without you, I couldn’t do this. Amen.

I pray for my sister, to make sure she is doing well, my animals, Rocker the dog, and Stella my pig. I pray for Eli and Chris.

Pray that my family gets strong along with my bond with God. Also, that I can provide my best friend a home, and my battle with addiction ends. Amen.

Hey God, please help me not to mess up. It seems like the harder I try, the more it backfires on me.

God, I need your help with my family problems. Amen.

Lord, please help me to stay out of trouble, so I can go home and prove that I can behave. Lord, thank you for waking me up every day. I love you God 100%.

God, I know that I have you everywhere I go and it helps to pray to you when I miss home. Amen.

God, thank You for the people you have put in my life ever since you saved me. I pray all the time and I am constantly praying and helping others. God, thank you for helping me not to commit suicide.

Hey God, it’s me. I am dealing with a lot of things I feel like I can’t bear. My anxiety is rising. My depression is taking over. Help me overcome fear and help me to feel your presence.
Thank you Lord.

Pray that God will lead me to the right path, and that He will protect me and my family. I pray that I would make the right choices. I pray for my brother, that you will keep him in your hands, keep him safe, and help make right choices.

Pray for family and friends.

Please help us all Lord for your love is our strength!

Please continue to pray for the youth and families that we serve. We also ask that you remember our staff and their families in your prayers as well.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8: 28