Child and Family Specialist

The Social Worker is responsible to the program director for carrying out the functions of family assessment, family support, and intervention to enable children to have permanence in the most family like setting as quickly as possible. The Social Worker, in conjunction with the family and DCS, develops, monitors, and assures the implementation of the individualized service plan and plan of care.

Job Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • The Social Worker must possess a Master of Science degree in social work or related social service field is preferred. Licensure or ability to pursue licensure is also preferred.
  •  Experience working with families and their children in custody or at risk of being in custody is preferred.
  • The social worker must be committed to empowerment of families and be willing to work in a high demand work situation which requires flexibility and innovativeness.
  •  Must be knowledgeable of Holston Home’s Family model and demonstrate competency in applying this knowledge to working and joining with families to encourage the swiftest path to permanence for children.
  •  Must demonstrate cultural competence by being aware and sensitive to the family’s ethnic, cultural, spiritual, and community norms.
  •  Must meet clients and families in their homes with flexible appointment times based on families’ needs, including evenings and weekends.
  • Must create a positive working relationship with the families by acting as a guest in their home as well as showing genuineness through body language and other gestures.
  •  Must be competent in the delivery of the services of assigned program (foster care, residential, etc) and willing to use a range of interventions & modality.
  •  Must be committed to the team approach among biological family members, resource families, other helping professionals and other family support persons.
  •  Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.
  •  Must exhibit a positive and professional relationship with other agencies and court systems.
  •  Must possess or obtain a valid Tennessee or Virginia driver's license and a reliable means of insured transportation.
  •  Must have the physical health and capacity to demonstrate regular job attendance and, when necessary, physically manage client's aggressive or self-injurious behavior consistent with TCI and agency requirements.
  •  Must be sighted and able to travel freely throughout the community in facilities that are not handicap accessible.
  •  The social worker position involves a risk of exposure to communicable diseases; therefore, the employee must be familiar with/and practice Universal Health Precautions.
  •  Must meet annual in service training requirements.
  •  Must subscribe to the Agency's Mission Statement and Organizational Values.

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