Brothers Reunited

Seven year old, Trevor, and his brother, Shawn (6), grew up with a skewed picture of love. They were removed from their home when it was clear that the boys had been victims of the worst forms of abuse. Adoption came quickly for the brothers. However, after several years, the adoptive couple divorced and said they could no longer care for Trevor or Shawn. They surrendered their rights and the boys were once again without a family.

Trevor came to Holston Home after a report of bad behavior. Although Trevor had no history of behavior problems in school, he was relentlessly picked on and bullied by other kids. When he came to Holston Home, we learned that Trevor was a very fearful, meek, and mentally beaten down young man. He had been born with a medical condition that affected his eye sight, coordination, and strength. With his thick glasses and quiet spirit, Trevor quickly became one of the most beloved students on campus.

Trevor flourished at Holston Home. With a new set of contact lenses, and a fresh haircut, his confidence took and upward turn. He learned how to stand up for himself and we watched as much of his fear vanished. But no matter how much Trevor loved it here, we all knew he needed to be back living with his brother who he loved very much. Eventually both boys were accepted in to a new home. Trevor was so excited and is looking forward to starting high school with his brother in the fall.