Cara and Granddaddy

“Would you like to accept Jesus now, Granddaddy?” Cara asked her grandfather when he came to visit. Cara was a beautiful 15-year old girl in foster care and this was a special day for her. It was the day her dad could come for a supervised visit. On this occasion he brought ‘Granddaddy’ who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It had been three years since Cara last met with her grandfather. When she arrived in the family visitation room they embraced and cried together. After a while, something amazing happened. Cara got up the courage to tell her Grandfather about the way Christ had died for his sins and if he would just accept Him as Lord and Savior that God would take care of him now and for eternity. Then she asked the most important question.

“Would you like to accept Jesus now, Granddaddy?” The aging man wept and replied “yes!” “If you believe this Granddaddy, now you are saved. If you get in pain, ask God to help you and He will,” said Cara. The three hugged each other and cried while everyone standing in the observation hallway joined them.

The greatest opportunity we offer at Holston Home for Children is the chance to know Jesus Christ and then to share his love with others. Cara is one of these precious young people who now holds the greatest treasure in her heart and is sharing it with the people she loves.