Christopher knows, all too well, about the darkness that comes when all hope is lost. At four years old, the only light he knew was the dim glow of meth being manufactured in his home. When he was placed in foster care through Holston Home, it was no surprise that he was terrified of adults, couldn’t speak in full sentences, and desperately wanted to be left alone. Christopher needed a family to warm his heart, plant the seed of unconditional love, and give him hope. His foster family was committed to do exactly that.

Over time, Christopher’s icy exterior began to thaw. Love had entered in it was causing his heart to change. Over time he learned to return the love that was being freely given to him and even talk about the way he felt inside. Devoted to caring for this young boy, his foster family officially adopted him.

Christopher is one, of many children, at Holston Home who is experiencing God’s love. It is a blessing to see the mission of Christ, “to give fullness of life,” played out in the hearts of precious children, like Christopher, who simply need the light of God’s son and a loving environment encouraging them to grow.