I didn’t know my dad. Never met him before. Mom was on drugs and couldn’t take care of us kids. We never heard from her again; not even a letter or anything.I came to Holston, and I kind of kept to myself the entire time. I had a chance to move to Brumit Center. Being at Brumit Center taught me lots of adult skills.

Independent living skills, how to find a job. Anything you needed help with, they were there to help me out. Just having that support actually kept me going through school and not giving up on math. I could have easily been one of those other kids that said, “forget the system, I’m doing my own thing”. And then I didn’t.

Just coming to a Christian school, being around good Christian people, and a good community just kept me on the right track.After I got here, things just changed. I’ve been shown a lot here: more love here than any place I’ve been in. It helped me realize that there’s more to live than just one environment or one group of people or one thing that you can do.

~ Corey