Darren came to Holston Home when he was 17 years old. Without family or a place to call home, he had a difficult time trusting people especially those in authority. All of this would soon change.

This smart and likeable young man began setting goals. Darren first set his mind on graduation. He was determined to get a diploma and ended up graduating at the top of his class. After one semester at Walter State Community College he decided to take a different path and join the military.

Darren wanted to become a Marine. Considering his history with authority we were all a little worried that Darren wouldn’t make it in the military. However, he proved otherwise when he graduated from basic training. Several staff members who had been there for Darren during his time at Holston Home made the trip to see him graduate once again.

“The kid who hated authority loves being a Marine!” said Gayle Mrock, VP of Program Services at Holston Home. Darren visits the children’s home often and encourages young people to think about the military as an option. “I’m thankful to have been pushed hard and couldn’t be happier with the choice I made,” says Darren.